Tcare 1Pair Ball of Foot Cushions Foot Care Inserts Insoles Support

Tcare 1Pair Ball of Foot Cushions Foot Care Inserts Insoles Support


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Ball of Foot Cushions


  • Power Source: None Electric
  • Material: Gel/Flannel
  • Model Number: Foot Pain Relief
  • Type: foot care tool
  • Item Type: Foot Care Tool
  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Dropshipping: dropshipping best selling products
  • Color: Transparent, JP velvet – black, JP velvet – apricot
  • Quantity: 1 Pair
  • Wholesale: Buy 10Pcs get an extra 5% off
  • Fit for: Men Women Adults Male Female Children
  • Sports: Basketball,Footaball,Running,Fitness,Baseball,Crossfit, Soccer Golf, H
  • Insoles: Transparent
  • High Heel Pad: Anti-Slip
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • foot care tool: hallux valgus
  • Arch Support: Anti-Slippery
  • Light Weight: Shock-Absorbant
  • Forefoot Pad: Hard-Wearing
  • shoe heel pads: shoe pads for high heels
  • shoe pads shoe insoles: Release Pain From Illness
  • Foot Care: 1Pair * Ball of Foot Cushions

1. OUTSTANDING QUALITY: The metatarsal foot gel pads are crafted to perfection with the best high quality materials and special attention to detail so they can give you flawless results and foot pain relief! The shoe silicon inserts cushions are very strong and durable so you can wear them every day and always count on them, and they have a unique shock absorption designed for maximum performance.

2. INCREDIBLY SOFT ORIGINAL METATARSAL BALL OF FOOT CUSHIONS: A pair of self-sticking PU foot cushion with massaging gel that can be used with any type of footwear, for better comfort The forefoot gel cushions are extremely soft so they can feel amazing on your feet and help you stay comfortable at all times. The foot pads are thick and they will feel like fluffy pillows for your feet so you can feel like your walking on air.

3. NON-SLIP MAXIMUM COMFORT SELF-STICKING & RE-USABLE: The carefully designed insoles are incredibly comfortable, no slip so you will never have to suffer after wearing uncomfortable shoes for too long. The metatarsal foot pads are very soft and comfy and they can turn any pair of shoes, no matter how tight and uncomfortable, feel like the best pair of sneakers!

Ball of Foot Cushions

4. INSTANT FOOT PAIN RELIEF: With superior padding, these pads help relieve pain caused by metatarsalgia, neuromas, fat pad atrophy, burning sensations and other conditions of the foot. Whether you are on your feet for a long shift at work or you’re out dancing with friends, after a while your feet will hurt so much that it can be unbearable! The soft metatarsal foot pads will give you instant pain relief so you can running, soothe your feet and go on with your day pain-free.

5. PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: The premium quality forefoot support pads come in one size that fits most! They are perfect for men and women and for all shoe sizes. The pads are made to be non-slip, just place the best shoe inserts cushions in your sneakers, high heels, flats, sandals, dress shoes or any other pair, and stay comfortable all day long.

Product Details:

    Metatarsal Gel Pads / JP velvet – black / JP velvet – apricot

    Padded Cushion for the ball for the foot

    Adheres to your shoe, not your foot

    Latex Free, Washable, Reusable

    Unisex (Men and Women)

How to Apply/Use:

    Clean shoe thoroughly

    Dry inside shoe surface

    Check cushion for Right and Left indicators

    Line up cushion to your Ball of Foot area in your shoe or heel area. For heel area trim without cutting into gel

    Peel backing slightly, place in position, remove backing and press down all over cushion area

Package Content:

   1 Pair * Ball of Foot CushionsH1a07f5c3e7a44293b5939a740538fe5dL


Ball of Foot Cushions
Ball of Foot Cushions
Ball of Foot Cushions


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