Black Smart Bioimpedance Scale with Digital Display

Black Smart Bioimpedance Scale with Digital Display


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The Black Smart Bioimpedance Scale with Digital Display


With the Black Smart Bioimpedance Scale with Digital Display, you can step up your health game. This cutting-edge scale goes beyond just weight measurement, offering bioimpedance analysis for a comprehensive view of your body composition. Whether you’re looking to track your fitness progress or simply stay on top of your health goals, this scale has you covered.

Equipped with bioimpedance measurement technology, this scale provides in-depth insights into your body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone density, and more. The bioimpedance vector analysis feature further enhances the accuracy of your results, ensuring precise and reliable data each time you step on the scale.

With versatile bioimpedance applications, this smart scale is suitable for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone committed to improving their overall well-being. Say goodbye to outdated measurement techniques and hello to a more advanced way of monitoring your body composition.

Invest in your health with the Black Smart Bioimpedance Scale and take the guesswork out of reaching your health and fitness goals.




**1. Is bioimpedance body fat accurate?**
Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is a widely used method for estimating body composition, including body fat percentage. While BIA can provide a convenient and non-invasive way to estimate body fat, its accuracy may vary depending on factors such as hydration levels, age, and body type.

Despite its limitations, BIA is considered reasonably accurate for assessing body fat trends and changes over time when used under consistent conditions.

**2. What is bioimpedance spectroscopy used for?**
Bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) is an advanced form of bioelectrical impedance analysis that measures the impedance of body tissues at multiple frequencies. This technique is primarily used for assessing fluid distribution within the body, making it valuable for monitoring conditions such as edema, hydration status, and body composition.

BIS is commonly employed in clinical settings for evaluating patients with conditions such as heart failure, kidney disease, and lymphedema.

**3. What is the bioimpedance technique?**
Bioimpedance refers to the measurement of the body’s impedance to the flow of a small electrical current. In bioimpedance analysis (BIA), electrodes are placed on the body, and a low-level electrical current is passed through.

By measuring the impedance (resistance) to this current, various physiological parameters such as body composition, fluid status, and tissue characteristics can be estimated. Bioimpedance techniques offer non-invasive and rapid assessments, making them valuable tools in clinical settings for monitoring patients’ health status.

**4. What is normal body impedance?**
Normal body impedance, or bioelectrical impedance, varies depending on factors such as body size, composition, and hydration levels. In general, lean tissue, such as muscle, has lower impedance to electrical current compared to fat tissue.

However, specific values for “normal” body impedance can vary widely among individuals. Clinicians typically interpret bioimpedance measurements in the context of an individual’s overall health status, considering factors such as age, gender, and medical history, to assess hydration status, body composition, and overall health.







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Body fat data shows on the scale
VA Screen holds 8 core body data without opening the App
Good Selling Online
Details Images
Spiral Cable 1.5M/59Inch Free Stretch
High Accurate High Sensitivity
“G” type high precision sensor provides smaller error and more accurate weighing.
Rechargeable lithium battery with Type C port
Charging Protection + Type C Port (USB charging cable comes with package.)
1. Eight golden electrodes.
2. Full base cover.
3. Tempered glass with gold powder.
4. Large silicone anti-slip feet.
Big VA Screen
(Weight / Body Fat / Muscle Mass / Bone Mass / BMR / Water Weight / BMI / Body Type)
8 high-precision sensors for professional hand to foot measurement
download or share your body analysis report.
20 Essential Body Composition Data Smart Fat Scale Utilizes BIA Technology to Calculate.
(Weight / Obesity Level / Body Water / Protein Mass / BMI /
BMR / Fat Mass / Body Fat / Ideal Body Weight / Muscle Mass /
Muscle Rate / Protein / Fat-free Body Weight / Body Age / Body Type /
Visceral Fat / Subcutaneous Fat / Bone Mass / Water Weight / Skeletal Muscle)
Support ios & Android Systems
Continuously updated APP language system
Supports 23 global mainstream languages such as Chinese, English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, etc., easy to switch without worrying about language barriers.



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