Painless Blood Vessel Spots Vascular Removal Beauty Equipment

Painless Blood Vessel Spots Vascular Removal Beauty Equipment


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Products Descriptions :
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Material: Plastic
  • Brand Name: dubniy
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE



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We have been operating our factory in China for more than 17 years. After your payment, we will send you the video of production, testing, quality control, packaging and the manual of the machine in your country’s language to ensure that you witness the purchase of the machine with the best quality, cost-effective and after-sales service, the machine can be provided with different types of sockets and standard voltage. In addition, we also provide special customization services, such as changing the system language, adding logos, different color chassis, adding interchangeable handles and so on, please contact customer service for details!

Because shipping, customs clearance and tax rates are different for each country, if the link you check shows no shipment or the shipping cost is too high please contact our customer service. Thank you very much for your understanding! If you have any questions about this product, please feel free to ask us, we will send you more detailed information.











What is red blood ?

Red blood filament is a facial phenomenoncaused by poor dilation of facial capillaries .damaged cuticle or superficial location of some capillaries


Will the red blood thread recur ?

Most of the red blood filaments are due to the thin cuticle. The instrument only removes the red blood filaments and cannot repair the cuticle . After removing the red blood , as long as you pay attention to the skin and don’t let the cuticle be too thin , it wont relapse


Sbf76c91399a74a899c2c8ab1d53d7539SProduct Features

●Using advanced electronic technology, electromagnetic micro current can effectively block the dilated capillaries.

● ASI aerospace grade HF / VHF power tube, continuous operation without power loss.

● 13.56MHz + 130v positive dazzle wave output, real high frequency, no spark and no skin injury

● Continuous or pulse dual output mode selection

● No misalignment under different impedance environments

● The output power is constant without significant drift, ensuring the consistency of operation

● Professional operation of pen needle ensures immediate closure of blood filaments and good protection of epidermis

● Configure imported core board to ensure its long service life and stabilityS197536d50b2940d28d8f11602cfe79c1ESa5fce51179ba4d53892c59185986dc6eRS16f5ec73ebb04d29af71a654418283d5pSabc3468e94424ca099a4113e57f379cbBS38b698f20db54533a3ad2a1dfb8a0874HS533c72fde7064b6a95303e26051b4103TS459998e647fe42a58cacc228f8f7bb54YS7314213257094220a610c0348977f00e1Sbfe0823d5f56430a955741003f983c88uS61dcbf68ad2041478b332b7b3d92d290wS3f4d6f2195584fe4851f69c12dfec628R






Blood Vessel Spots
Blood Vessel Spots


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