FRESCOCHE Dual Function Silver Transport Wheelchair and Rollator Walker Combo

FRESCOCHE Dual Function Silver Transport Wheelchair and Rollator Walker Combo


Introducing the Dual Function Transport Wheelchair and Rollator Rolling Walker Combo with Hand Brakes – the ultimate mobility solution designed to provide unparalleled convenience, comfort, and independence. This innovative 2-in-1 device seamlessly transitions between a sturdy rollator walker and a comfortable transport wheelchair, catering to your dynamic lifestyle needs.

**Key Features:**

1. **Dual Functionality:** Effortlessly switch between a rollator walker and a transport wheelchair. Whether you need support while walking or a comfortable seat for a rest, this combo device adapts to your requirements in seconds.

2. **Hand Brakes:** Equipped with ergonomic hand brakes, ensuring maximum safety and control. Easily engage the brakes to secure the rollator in place or to slow down while navigating slopes and uneven terrain.

3. **Lightweight and Durable Frame:** Constructed from high-quality aluminum, this combo walker is both lightweight and robust, supporting up to 300 lbs. Its sleek design ensures easy maneuverability without compromising on strength.

4. **Comfortable Seating:** Features a padded seat and backrest, providing exceptional comfort during extended use. The spacious seat ensures a relaxing experience, whether you’re taking a short break or being transported.

5. **Adjustable Height:** Customizable handle height to suit users of varying statures, promoting proper posture and reducing strain on the wrists and shoulders.

6. **Compact and Foldable:** Designed for convenience, this combo walker easily folds into a compact size for effortless storage and transport. Perfect for travel, it fits comfortably in car trunks and tight spaces.

7. **Storage Solutions:** Includes a spacious under-seat storage bag and a convenient removable basket, allowing you to carry personal items, groceries, or medical supplies with ease.

8. **Smooth Mobility:** Large 8-inch wheels with a non-marking tread provide a smooth and stable ride on various surfaces, from indoor flooring to outdoor pavements.


– **Enhanced Independence:** Empower yourself or your loved ones with the freedom to move around confidently, whether indoors or outdoors.
– **Versatile Use:** Ideal for individuals with varying mobility needs, offering the flexibility to walk independently or be assisted as required.
– **Safety and Stability:** The hand brakes and sturdy frame ensure a secure and reliable experience, reducing the risk of falls and accidents.
– **Comfort and Convenience:** The padded seat and adjustable features cater to your comfort, while the foldable design and storage options add to the overall convenience.

**Value Proposition:**

The Dual Function Transport Wheelchair and Rollator Rolling Walker Combo with Hand Brakes is more than just a mobility aid; it’s a lifestyle enhancer. By combining the functionalities of a rollator and a transport wheelchair, it offers unmatched versatility and convenience. This product is perfect for those seeking a reliable, comfortable, and adaptable solution to their mobility challenges. Invest in this combo walker to experience the perfect blend of independence, safety, and comfort, making every journey a pleasant one.


  • Brand Name: FRESCOCHE
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Applicable scenarios: Health massage
  • model: 3002B
  • Product Name of Health Products: Elderly shopping cart, grocery cart
  • Max capacity: 136kg
  • gross/package/rough weight: 7.2



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