Portable Pill Box Weekly 7 Days Stackable 3 Times a Day Medicine Storage Dispenser

Portable Pill Box Weekly 7 Days Stackable 3 Times a Day Medicine Storage Dispenser


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  • Material: ABS
  • Item Type: Pill Cases & Splitters
  • Number of Pieces: COMBO
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Feature 1: Portable Weekly 7 Days Pill Box
  • Feature 2: Pill Vitamins Medicine Fish Oils Organizer Boxs
  • Feature 3: 3 Times a Day Medicine Storage Dispenser


1. Large Capacity: The daily pill box organizer has a large space, allowing you to fill and sort weekly pills in advance, and you can easily track and maintain the medication plan through it.

2. Durable and BPA-free Pill Box: This premium pill containers is equipped with high-quality solid-state ABS external holders and high-quality food-grade PP daily pill box organizer. Made of BPA-free food-grade materials,it is environmentally friendly and practical to ensure your pills are safe to eat.

3. Say No to Dumpage: Each 7 day pill organizer has 3 separate cases, and the smooth surface won’t have residues, thus your pills won’t mixed with the previous residues, and also it is easy to clean.The double protection design makes the lids of the pill box 3 times a day always stay closed, never pops up.

4. Permanent Date Reminder:  After using it for a period of time, don’t worry about the letters on the lid fading, our upgraded printing of medication organizer can be used up to 9,000 times.

5. Track Your Medication:  Pill container (morning, noon and night) sort your pills 3 times a day; larger black shell can accommodate 7 independent pill box organizer to plan the pills for a week.Separate pill holder, this pill dispenser has 7 movable vitamin organizers, which can be taken out separately every day for your on the go use.



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