Medical Portable Digital finger oximeter OLED pulse

Medical Portable Digital finger oximeter OLED pulse


Introducing the Oximeter Medical Portable Digital Finger with OLED Pulse Display – your essential companion for accurate and reliable health monitoring. This state-of-the-art device is designed to provide precise measurements of your blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2) and pulse rate, ensuring you stay informed about your vital signs anytime, anywhere.

**Key Features:**

1. **Advanced OLED Display:** The vibrant OLED screen offers crystal-clear readings with adjustable brightness levels, making it easy to view your results in any lighting condition. The dual-color display enhances readability, providing a user-friendly experience.

2. **Accurate and Reliable:** Utilizing advanced sensor technology, this oximeter delivers highly accurate SpO2 and pulse rate measurements within seconds. The device is clinically tested and validated, ensuring you receive trustworthy data every time.

3. **Portable and Lightweight:** Weighing just a few ounces, this compact oximeter is designed for ultimate portability. Slip it into your pocket, purse, or medical kit, and take it with you wherever you go. Ideal for athletes, pilots, seniors, and anyone who needs to monitor their oxygen levels on the go.

4. **Easy to Use:** With a simple one-button operation, this oximeter is incredibly user-friendly. Just place your finger inside the cushioned clip, press the button, and get instant readings. The device automatically powers off after a few seconds of inactivity to conserve battery life.

5. **Long Battery Life:** Equipped with energy-efficient technology, the oximeter provides extended usage on a single set of AAA batteries (included). The low battery indicator ensures you’re never caught off guard.

6. **Multi-Directional Display:** The screen orientation can be adjusted to display readings in four different directions, allowing for convenient viewing from any angle. This feature is particularly useful for caregivers and medical professionals.

7. **Durable and Comfortable:** Made from high-quality materials, the oximeter is built to last. The soft silicone padding inside the clip ensures a comfortable fit without pinching or discomfort, even during prolonged use.


– **Peace of Mind:** Regular monitoring of your SpO2 and pulse rate can help detect early signs of respiratory issues, allowing for timely medical intervention.
– **Enhanced Performance:** Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can track their oxygen levels to optimize their training and performance.
– **Convenient Health Management:** Ideal for individuals with chronic conditions such as COPD, asthma, or heart disease, this oximeter provides a convenient way to manage and monitor your health at home.
– **Versatile Use:** Suitable for all age groups, from children to adults, making it a versatile tool for family health monitoring.

**Value to the Customer:**

The Medical Portable Digital Finger Oximeter with OLED Pulse Display offers unparalleled value by combining accuracy, ease of use, and portability in one compact device. Whether you’re managing a chronic condition, optimizing athletic performance, or simply seeking peace of mind, this oximeter empowers you with the information you need to take control of your health. Invest in your well-being with a device that delivers professional-grade results in the comfort of your home.

  • Item Type: Oximetry
  • Material: plastic
  • Application: Finger
  • Size: small
  • Model Number: yk80A,yk80C
  • Brand Name: JYouCare
  • Certification: CE
  • Commodity Quality Certification: 3C,CE
  • Display direction: 4
  • Power Requirement: 2 x AAA 1.5V alkaline battery
  • Beep: Yes
  • Parameter: SPO2,PR
  • Display type for YK80A, YK80C: Duel color OLED
  • Display model for YK80A YK80C: 6
  • Batteries: Not included

yk80x is the new version of yk80,  updated version , OLED , more precise . 

Features and specifications:

Packing List:

1 x Pulse Oximeter

1 x product Manual

1 x Product lanyard

Pulse Oximeter Product features:

One-button measurement

8 seconds without test, device will automatically shut down

Medical clinical level settings

all-day real-time monitoring

sound and light alarm

multi-directional display

screen brightness adjustment

Multi-color optional


Fourth generation LFC technology

The fourth generation of optical frequency digital conversion technology achieves precision

Round light shield

Effectively reduce the impact of natural light on accuracy and improve accuracy

High speed processing chip

Data acquisition and processing are accurate and fast, 5-8s display value

Easy to read

You can adjust the display direction at will, and a variety of display interfaces are available.

Sound and light alarm system

The setting limit is exceeded (settable), the machine sends a reminder

Less than 30g

Small body size and weight, portable lanyard, easy to carry

Automatic Power Off

Remove the finger 10s, the oximeter automatically turns off, saving power

Upgrade wearing experience

Soft skin-friendly silicone pad to protect your fingers during measurement











The Finger Pulse Oximeter is an affordable and accurate way to check pulse rates and blood oxygen saturation levels. It also shows the Plethysmograph wave, which guarantees the accuracy. Self-adjusting finger clamp plus simple one-button design allows for easy operation. Comes with a carrying case and Neck/wrist cord. Convenient for nurse and doctor to hang on the neck. Small portable size makes it easy to handle and carry. Suitable for daily use, measure your health at any time.


— OLED display: Dual Color OLED display. Better shows the data.

— Multi-direction display: Rotatable multidirectional display. 4 directions, 6 modes, allow you to view your results in any direction.

— Alarm function: Set the alarm and beep according to your needs. There will be a warning once the measured values go beyond the setting. Know it immediately.

— Long battery life: 1) Low-power consumption, continuously work for 6 hours.

                                   2) In the absence of signal, the product will be in after 8 seconds to enter standby state.


1. Please double check the direction of the battery. The 2 batteries are in different direction, please make the +/- right.

2. The finger should be plugged deep enough, or it can not take the measure

3. Please do not tremble the finger or move the body during the measurement, or the data maybe unsteady.

Package Content

– 1 x Fingertip Oximeter (without battery)

– 1 x Lanyard

– 1 x English user manual

By aviation restrictions,bettaries are not included in the package.





1)  2 direction display
 2)  parameters: SPO2, PR
 3)  Low-power consumption,continuously four direction adjustable;
 5)  Low voltage indicator;
 6)  Automatically power off in 8 seconds when there is no signal;




– SpO2
     Measurement range: 70~100%
     Resolution: ±1%
     Accuracy: ±2% (70%~99%), unspecified (70%)
– Pulse rate (PR)
     Measurement range: 30~250 bpm
     Accuracy: ±1bpm
– Perfusion Index (PI)
     Measurement range: 0~30%
     Accuracy: ±1%
– Power:1.5V (AAA size) alkaline battery x 2
– Working current: ≤30mA
– Automatic power-of: Automatically power off when no signal in the oximeter for more than 8 seconds
– Environmental Sepecification
     Operating Temperature:5-40 degrees ;
     Storage/Transportation Temperature:-10 to 40 degrees Celcius;
     Ambient Humidity:15-80% on operation;
                  10%-80% in storage
– Declaration:EMC of this product complies with IEC60601-1-2 standard


Packing list:

– 1 x Pulse oximeter

– 1 x English user’s manual  for LED M230B ,  

– 1 x Case

– 1 x Landyard


1. The following picture is LED  Model  M230b



By aviation restrictions, batteries are not  included in the package, please use  alkaline battery to run it .  



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