Collapsible Telescopic Folding Cane with LED and Alarm

Collapsible Telescopic Folding Cane with LED and Alarm


Introducing the Telescopic Folding Cane that’s Collapsible with LED and Alarm – the ultimate companion for enhanced mobility, safety, and convenience. This innovative cane is meticulously designed to cater to individuals seeking stability and independence in their daily lives.


1. **Telescopic Design:** The cane features a telescopic mechanism that allows for effortless height adjustment, ensuring a perfect fit for users of varying heights. Simply extend or retract the cane to your desired length for optimal comfort and support.

2. **Collapsible Structure:** Engineered for portability, the cane can be easily folded into a compact size, making it ideal for travel and storage. Slip it into your bag or suitcase without any hassle, and unfold it in seconds when needed.

3. **Integrated LED Light:** Navigate through dimly lit areas with confidence, thanks to the built-in LED light. Positioned at the handle, this bright and energy-efficient light illuminates your path, reducing the risk of trips and falls in low-light conditions.

4. **Emergency Alarm:** Safety is paramount, and the cane is equipped with a loud emergency alarm. In case of distress, activate the alarm to alert nearby individuals, ensuring you receive timely assistance.

5. **Ergonomic Handle:** The cane boasts an ergonomically designed handle that provides a comfortable and secure grip. The non-slip surface ensures stability, even during prolonged use.

6. **Sturdy Construction:** Crafted from high-quality, lightweight aluminum alloy, the cane offers robust support without compromising on portability. It can withstand daily wear and tear, providing reliable assistance for years to come.

7. **Anti-Slip Base:** The cane’s base is fitted with a non-slip rubber tip, enhancing traction on various surfaces. Whether you’re walking on wet pavements or smooth floors, the cane offers steadfast stability.


**Enhanced Mobility:** Regain your independence and move with confidence, knowing you have a reliable support system by your side.
**Safety First:** The integrated LED light and emergency alarm provide an added layer of security, ensuring you’re prepared for any situation.
**Convenience on the Go:** The collapsible design makes it easy to carry and store, perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle or frequently travel.
**Customizable Comfort:** With its adjustable height and ergonomic handle, the cane is tailored to meet your specific needs, offering unparalleled comfort and ease of use.
**Durable and Dependable:** Built to last, the cane’s sturdy construction guarantees long-term reliability, making it a valuable investment in your well-being.

**Value Proposition:**

The Collapsible Telescopic Folding Cane with LED and Alarm is more than just a walking aid; it’s a comprehensive solution for enhanced mobility and safety. Whether you’re navigating through crowded streets, dimly lit areas, or simply need a reliable support system, this cane delivers unmatched performance and peace of mind.

Invest in your independence and security with this versatile and innovative cane, and experience the freedom to move confidently wherever life takes you.


  • Model Number: ZDSZ01
  • Handle Material: Plastic
  • Damping System: AS Picture
  • Stick Tip: other
  • Joint Number: 4
  • Handle: T-handle
  • Outdoor Activity: HIKE
  • Length (cm): 84 cm
  • Shaft Material: aluminum
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • CN: Guangdong
  • item name: Folden Walking Sticks

Collapsible Telescopic Folding Cane Elder Cane LED Walking Trusty Sticks Elder Crutches Mothers Elder Fathers walking sticks

– Material: Aluminum alloy + Plastic + EVA.
– Size: Approx. 84 x 16 x 2cm/ 33 x 63 x 0.8 inch (LxWxH).
– 5-level Adjustment of Height: Height can be adjusted by lightly pressing the bead-button.

– Stable to Use: Can stand alone with 4-feet base which is anti-skid and can be 360° rotated to fit for all kinds of paths.
– Flexible and Convenient: The angle of LED light can be adjusted. More safe to use with alarm button.
– Stand Up Easily: Armrest on the side to help the old to stand up. Effortless and convenient to use.

1 x Telescopic Cane

(1) Double Armrests with LED but Without ALARM


(2) Double Armrests with LED And ALARM


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(3) Single Armrest with LED And ALARM





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